Hello and welcome to airsoft!


The most common questions this web site receives are…


What do I need to play?


What do you recommend I bring?


These questions can get you many different opinions from all manner of players.


Some clubs/teams have very specific requirements; others like BTA welcome all players regardless of their gear & guns.


If you are playing with a group like us who does not require specific camo, gear, etc…, Get the minimum and get out and play, the rest will come with experience.



  •  ANSI Z87.1 standard rated Safety glasses or goggles (Home Depot) are a must!
  • A red “Dead-Rag” (red bandana).
  • Sturdy Boots. Insulated waterproof boots are better in winter/snow.
  • Rent or buy an AEG (Automatic Electric Gun or Airsoft Electric Gun). Recommended? Over 300fps – up to 400fps
  • BBs - 6mm/0.20g (High Polished/Precision)
  • Natural –colored (tan, green, brown, black, etc…) loose-fitting full-coverage clothing to keep you protected (and warm in winter). Cargo-pants and a long-sleeve shirt are fine to start. Jeans are okay but usually stand out well in the environments we play in; you will end up an easy target. Do not buy any military clothing until you have seen what is out there and what looks like it will work for you.
  • Always bring food and especially WATER to games. Even in the winter! Dehydration is not fun.



  • A sling for your weapon.
  • One or more extra magazines for your AEG.
  • A spare battery. (If your battery dies early especially in cold weather, your game-day will end too soon.)
  • LBE (Load Bearing Equipment) A way to carry your spare mags and BBs. Try an Army Surplus store (Search "Army Surplus UT" online). Look for LC1 or A.L.I.C.E. gear, you will want at least a belt and pouches, the suspenders are very useful as well. This is the cheapest alternative to buying a vest or plate carrier right away. After playing, you will learn what kind will best carry what gear you want to get. In addition, your cheap LC1/A.L.I.C.E. gear can be a spare set or sold to some other new player later on.
  • A hat of any kind to protect your head.
  • If you are not wearing gloves for warmth, you might want to pick up a pair of work gloves from Home depot or Wal-Mart to protect your hands in the field.
  • Knee & Elbow Pads (Even bike/skateboard ones from Wal-Mart will do to start.)
  • BTA seriously recommends some form of lower facemask. BBs can crack or knock out teeth and hits to the face can be very painful. See the BTA SAFETY RULES as for mask requirements for minors.
  • Spare dry clothes (socks, shoes, jacket, etc…) are always nice to go home in, especially in the winter.
  • A watch, compass, whistle, pocketknife, electrical-tape & duct-tape, baby wipes, and hand warmers (in winter), some large band-aids, toilet-paper (in a plastic bag), and a garbage bag are always useful.
  • Some kind of backpack or duffle bag to carry all your gear in, even your weapon. Some of the places we play require your weapon to be in a bag or case until you are at the playing field.
  • In your duffle, carry the “de-jamming rod” that came with your AEG or get a flexible one.
  • A few dollars can always be useful. Especially if you need more ammo or in case someone is selling drinks or food.



__ Safety eyewear (ANSI Z87.1 standard rated)

__ A red “Dead-Rag”

__ Sturdy Boots (waterproof for winter)

__ An AEG (300fps – up to 400fps)

__ BBs - 6mm/0.20g (High Polished/Precision)

__ Weapon sling

__ Extra AEG magazines

__ 2x charged batteries

__ LBE (Load Bearing Equipment)

__ Clothing

__ Hat

__ Gloves

__ Knee & Elbow Pads

__ Lower facemask

__ Food and WATER

__ Spare dry clothes

__ A de-jamming rod, watch, compass, whistle, pocketknife, electrical & duct tape, baby wipes, hand warmers (in winter), some large band-aids, toilet-paper (in a plastic bag), and a garbage bag.

__ Gear-Bag

__ A few dollars


The stuff above should cover your first games nicely. If it turns out you do not like airsoft, you can easily sell off or use these things for other purposes. If you continue playing you will quickly learn about all the great guns and gear out there, and you can begin spending too much on this hobby like the rest of us.


Items to consider next…

  • A sidearm (pistol) with a holster. To engage your opponent under twenty-five feet.
  • A Two-Way Radio (with sub-channels) and a Headset.
  • Military camouflage clothing of your preference.
  • A multi-tool like a Leatherman or Gerber Tool.
  • A rubber training knife.
  • A spring shotgun or low power AEG (300fps or under) CQB weapon for indoor and night games.
  • Also for night games… A red glow-stick (for “dead-rag”), a headlamp, and a “Tracer Unit” or flash light with remote if you have a CQB (300fps or under) full-auto AEG.

If you want to play with BTA - Black Thorn Airsoft

Go to our web site.

On the WAIVER/RULES page read thru the Waiver, Field & Safety Rules, ROE (Rules Of Engagement), and Code Of Conduct.

Once you feel comfortable with the rules print out, fill out, and sign a waiver.

Watch our NEXT GAME DATE page, and bring your waiver to the next game date convenient for you.

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