Black Cauldron Operatives (BCO)

The “Black Cauldron Operatives” squad are the shock troops of BC Industries. BC Ind. Is reported to be responsible for the “zombie” virus, and it is rumored their goal is to weaponize the virus.

Members of the Black Cauldron Operatives MUST…

  • Understand they WILL have to play as zombies, “hostages”, any needed “player/character” during the games of the day/night.
  • Maintain an ALL BLACK load out. A mesh mask or balaclava is required along with any combination of uniform, gear, and weapons… as long as it is ALL BLACK, and covers ALL SKIN.
  • Each member must buy and wear two BCO patches (Glow & Grey), approximately $10.00.
  • Each member must buy and carry a BLUE LifeGear LED Glow Stick.


 The Black Cauldron Operatives will roll out whenever needed during BTA zombie-games against the “living” players. The basic principle of BTA zombie-games is to accomplish each round’s objectives. Successes and failures will determine the following rounds team size, ammo amounts, etc… Therefore, BCO numbers, weapons, and ammo will be based on the success or failures the “living” have against the dead during the earlier games. 


Recorded reports of the BCO – Black Cauldron Operatives seen in action…

10/?/2008 – 09:00am Operation: “DOOM” @ “Foundation Hill”

BTA’s 1st Annual Halloween/Zombie-Game!

No intell on the BCO.

10/17/2009 – 09:00am Operation: “DOOM-2009” @ “Foundation Hill”

BTA’s 2nd Annual Halloween/Zombie-Game!

A group of armed “living” commandos escorted a scientist who “controlled” the zombies.


10/30/2010 - 07:00am Op: “DOOM III” @ Eagle Mountain-Upper

BTA’s 3rd Annual Halloween/Zombie-Game!

While not actually being witnessed, a “living” team secured “living” prisoners that were guarded by zombies.


10/29/2011 - 08:00am Op: “DOOM-2011” @ “The Tunnel”

BTA’s 4th Annual Halloween/Zombie-Game!

An unknown team of “living” commandos worked against the survivor team trying to secure a case containing strain virus with the goal of weaponizing it.


10/27/2012 – 09:00am Op. “DOOM-2012” @ Silver City a.k.a. “The Ruins” aka “The Ruins”

BTA’s 5th Annual Halloween/Zombie-Game!

Three other factions (The military, civilian survivors, and zombie-hunters) went head-to-head against the BCO in military garb, trying to gather remains from destroyed zombies. The BCO gathered the most skulls and eliminated the other three “teams”.

08/03/2013 – 07:00pm  Op. “DEAD OF NIGHT - 2013” @ “The Outpost”

BTA’s all new 1st Annual Night/Zomie-Game!

BCO posing as civilians attempted to ambush the last “living” survivors as they collected another weaponized zombie virus.


10/26/2013 – 09:00am Op. “DOOM-2013” @ Silver City a.k.a. “The Ruins”

BTA’s 6th Annual Halloween/Zombie-Game!

The first “open” appearance of the BCO. After the combined forces of “survivors” (military, civilian, & zombie –hunter) failed to stop or contain the zombie outbreak, the BCO appeared to wipe out the remaining survivors!


06/07/2014 OP: . “DEAD OF NIGHT-2014” @ “The Tunnel The Tunnel” (2nd Annual BTA Night/Zombie-Game)


10/11/2014 OP: “DOOM-2014” @ “The Outpost” (7th Annual BTA Halloween/Zombie-Game)


04/25/2015 OP: Op. “NYCTOPHOBIA” @ “Fear Factory” (Closed BTA-Team Event @ Classified AO)


06/20/2015 OP: “DEAD OF NIGHT-2015” @ “The Outpost” (3nd Annual BTA Night/Zombie-Game)


10/10/2015 OP: “DOOM-2015” @ Silver City a.k.a. “The Ruins” (8th Annual BTA Halloween/Zombie-Game)


06/04/2016 OP: “DEAD OF NIGHT-2016: NECROPHOBIA” @ “Fear Factory” (4th Annual BTA Night/Zombie-Game)

10/08/2016 OP. “DOOM 2016” @ “The Outpost” (9th Annual BTA Halloween/Zombie-Game)


06/03/2017 – 07:00pm Op. “DEAD OF NIGHT – 2017: KINEMORTOPHOBIA” @ “Fear Factory” (5th Annual BTA Night/”Zombie”-Game!) “Fear of zombies.”

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