BTA - Black Thorn Airsoft Rights:


BTA - Black Thorn Airsoft reserves the right to produce items for sale using any of our logos, images, articles, and/or ideas located on our web site or at BTA events. If there is a product or profit to be made it will be done so upon BTAs approval.



If any one wishes to take photographs or video at a BTA event, they are welcome to do so providing they meet four requirements…


1)      You must complete, sign, and turn in a BTA waiver.

2)      You must wear eye protection and a “blaze” orange hunting/safety vest.

3)      You must provide BTA with copies of all photographs/video taken.

4)      You must share with BTA the rights to any photographs/video taken at a BTA event.



If necessary BTA will provide legal copyright over all BTA generated properties.

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