At BTA – Black Thorn Airsoft safety is our top priority!


All participants at our events are required to know and regularly review the BTA Waiver, Safety Rules, ROE (Rules Of Engagement), COC (Code Of Conduct). You will find most of our rules are about your safety.


As stated first in our COC (Code Of Conduct)...

“BTA demands Players who attend our events to make safety the top priority. This includes personal safety, and the safety of all others. Players will be required to be aware of their surroundings and any immediate dangers. Players will NEVER be expected to jeopardize their own personal safety in order to accomplish any game-related objective.” 

BTA has several attendees who are EMTs, military corpsmen, and have various levels of certified first-aid skills, who will be identified before game play.

While ANSI Z87.1 standard eye protection is a mandatory requirement, all airsoft players are strongly encouraged to use  hats, helmets, masks, mouth-guards, ear & neck-covering, elbow & knee pads, gloves, groin padding, and loose fitting clothing that covers all exposed skin.



Firearm Safety 



Take some time and look over proper firearm safety.




Now, I know what you are saying… “But we play airsoft!”


Based on media reports and accidental injuries, apparently simple “airsoft safety” is not enough.


  Search “airsoft mistaken for real firearms”, and you will see what I mean.


  Brandishing your airsoft weapon in public or even allowing your airsoft weapon to be seen by not having it properly stored, is not only stupid but could easily lead to disastrous results.


  Proper firearm handling and safety practices can also significantly reduce accidental injuries.


Treat your airsoft weapon as if it is a “real-steel” firearm. “Trigger-Discipline”, “Muzzle-Down”, “Mag-Out”, and “Action Cleared” are all practices Airsofters should adopt.


If you think, none of this is necessary or you are already safe enough and this does not apply to you…


Think again!


In California, a law has been proposed to ban import, export, sales, and ownership of airsoft weapons that are not entirely painted bright colors.


 If it passes in CA, it will affect our ability to purchase from the large retailers located there, and most likely, other states will try to follow!


 What happens when even colorful toys does not solve the problem?

 See what a ban in China looked like…


 For the future of the game and lifestyle of airsoft, we the airsoft community have been burdened with the task of proving we can safely and responsibly handle our replica weapons.


 Treat your airsoft “gun” with respect, and others will respect you!





Eye Protection


“Eye-Pro” is widely considered the foremost article of airsoft safety equipment. 


While some airsoft groups only require wrap-around style safety glasses, others require full-seal goggle-style eye-pro. 


One thing remains the same, if you do not wear OSHA/ANSI Z87.1 approved eye protection, you do not play!



 Most “operators” want to look cool in their eye-pro. 


 However, you should make sure any eye protections you wear fits comfortably and provides proper coverage. 

In addition, eye-pro should be stored safely to avoid damage and cleaned correctly, both to avoid obscuring issues such as scratches and fogging. 



 Non OSHA/ANSI Z87.1 approved “normal” eyeglasses or sunglasses are not eye-protection!


 Beware cheap imitation products!

If your eye-pro does not have the OSHA/ANSI Z87.1 approved safety rating, do not use them! 


 Failure to exercise proper protection of your eyes could cost you dearly!


Below are actual pictures of “airsoft eye injuries”! 



Wear proper eye protection, do not become a statistic!





This is one of the most important things that an avid airsofter can learn!


Improper hydration can at the very least ruin your game, and at worst be fatal!


The following link will guide you through the necessary information regarding dehydration/hydration.


Everyone who attends BTA events is required to bring and carry water.


It is in the rules!


This is for your own health and safety and for the respect of those around you. In the past responsible members have been forced to care for negligent players suffering from dehydration. This is not how we plan to spend our airsofting time.


If anyone is found without water, a member of the BTA Command team will have to ask you to leave BTA events until you can follow the rules.



BTA – Black Thorn Airsoft strongly recommends…

 Steel Mesh Lower Face Masks 

Here are a few examples:


 The Original

BrassGuardEquip =

A quality American version

Bitter End Airsoft Gear - Lower Face Mask = 

More affordable Chinese clones: 

TMC V1 & V2 Steel Strike Half Face Masks

ACM GEAR - Black Bear Airsoft Shadow & Raider mask =




SEARCH = Airsoft Steel Mesh Lower Face Masks 


BTA – Black Thorn Airsoft is not currently affiliated with BrassGuardEquip, Bitter End Airsoft Gear or the SIX airsoft group, AMC Gear, TMC Tactical Gear, or any other mask manufacturer.


Lets all play safe out there!