During winter months when my gas weapons do not work so well, my sidearm of choice is an AEP (Auto Electric Pistol). Which is literally a miniature AEG! I know and have tried lots of “tricks” to using a GBB (Gas Blow Back) in the cold. For example hand warmers, red gas, shoulder holsters inside your jacket, etc… However, I prefer to just draw my AEP and shoot!


However, every year in the late spring when the weather warms up, I break out my gas blow backs, and remember how much I enjoy using them! If you have a good GBB, metal, powerful, good kick… AEPs just do not compare! The worst thing about GBBs is the price of extra magazines, but once you have invested in them, enjoy!


I am not going to get into what brand or model to get. That is a matter of personal preference. I am not going to teach you how to load and shoot, that should be covered in the manual. I am simply writing this to advise GBB owners how some basic maintenance can keep your weapon functioning.


My first year using GBBs was disappointing! Leaking mags, pistol malfunctions, expensive green gas, etc… My second year I looked up everything about them, learned how to clean and maintain mine, and eventually switched from green gas to propane. Below is a list of the tips I use to keep my gas weapons performing perfectly.



Treat it like a “real-steel”, and keep it clean! Learn how to take down your gun and clean it regularly.



Take good care of the magazines! Clean them regularly. Blow dirt and debris out of the spring, I use canned “air-duster”, the kind used for cleaning computers and such. Put in only a couple drops of silicon oil. Hold the magazine away from your face, and press the button on the back of the magazine to purge any remaining gas. Carefully remove the valves. Carefully remove the o-rings, clean and re-lube them before reinstalling. For leaks, soak the o-rings in oil for a few hours. Carefully reassemble! Before filling the magazine with gas, press and hold the purge button again, this time add a few drops of oil directly into the opening on top. Shake the gas bottle before using, and always hold the bottle upside down when filling. Make sure the gas bottle nozzle and mag/grenade valve are aligned, and put in two or three five second bursts, or more depending on the mag size. Always store gas mags and grenades with gas and oil inside.



(This is strictly MY opinion!)

Personally I never had good results from green gas! I use an airsoft propane adaptor & standard 16.4 oz disposable propane camping bottle. First off it is much cheaper! Most propane bottles are larger and at least three times cheaper than green gas! I use the plastic adaptor as opposed to the metal version, as I would rather replace the tip on the adaptor than valves on whatever I am filling. I also stick to known name-brand propane like Coleman, after getting mixed performance from cheaper unknown brands. I particularly like being able to control the amount of oil I use. While using green gas I was always frustrated with failures, propane gave my gas blow backs new life! I have many 40mm grenades and four gas blow backs with twelve magazines between them, and they have never performed as well using green gas as propane. I highly recommend propane!



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