Accepting donations has never truly been BTA’s style. However, some very generous players have found clever and blunt ways to impart their support upon us. Whether it is monetary or bringing much needed prop materials to games, every little bit always helps… even simple rolls of tape and old tool cases!

More recently we have been persistently asked to provide an anonymous way to allow players to help out. Therefore, we now have a Paypal donations link!

Dropping off “supplies” to any admin at games will always welcome too!


Here is a list of helpful items…

Duct tape (Any color)

Masking tape (Any color)

550 Cord (Any color)

Yellow Caution Tape


Old Plastic Tool Cases (Any color)

Milk Crates

Orange Cones (Large, small, even the mini “soccer” cones!)

Kitchen Timers (The non-battery type)
PVC Pipe

Old Nylon Webbing (Like broken slings!)
And ANYTHING that you think we could use for a cool prop!


To everyone who has ever helped this club out…

Our most sincere



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